Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Life in Films

My Life in Films

My friend Becky posted here about her life in films, so I thought I'd do the same. :)

Films that Remind Me of Childhood
  • The Sound of Music. I have to copy Becky's on this one. I remember watching this on Saturday nights, before VCRs were even around. 
  • The Muppets Take Manhattan (or any of the Muppets movies from the 80s). I loved the Muppets when I was little - actually, I still do! But this movie brings back fond memories...
  • Who's Minding the Store. I discovered Jerry Lewis when I was about 8 years old. It just took one movie to make me a huge fan. Though I can't remember which one was the first one I saw, this one stands out in my mind for being one of the funniest.
  • Annie (the original version). I remember watching this movie many times during my childhood. I liked it so much, my grandma made me a large Annie doll (like 3 feet tall), along with her dog, Sandy. These are still in my parents' basement somewhere.
Films that Defined My Teens
  • Anne of Avonlea. Yeah, I'll copy Becky on another one. I have no idea how many times I watched this movie, but I know I probably still have some parts memorized.
  • Christy. Okay, technically this was a t.v. series, but it was made into a movie too...anyways, I remember watching this show and falling in love with the preacher guy. :)
Films that Defined My College Years
    • Elf. I remember going to some theater on a Friday night with college friends to see this movie (Becky, you were there, right?) We should have left campus earlier, because we ended up having to sit in the first row, front and center! Will Ferrell in tights, up close and personal! 
    • Titanic. This came out soon after I graduated from high school...I am pretty sure it was the fall. Anyways, I went to see this with some high school friends. I liked it, yet I didn't. I probably liked the music better than the actual movie. I also remember wondering when the movie was going to end.
    • Pride & Prejudice. I remember watching this one with my roommate Julie before fall semester started. We just decided to sit down and watch the whole thing - all 6 hours of it, or however long it is. Still love this one to this day.
    Films When I Need a Good Cry
    • My Dog Skip (I have only seen this once, but I bawled...sad animal movies do this to me every time. Plus, I had a dog who died that reminded me of Skip).
    • Walk the Line. There's just something about this movie - the combination of the music and storyline or something, but I cry at the end...
    Nightmares from Films
    • I can't think of any right now. I stay far away from horror movies, because I don't enjoy being scared! I like a good suspense movie, but horror movies - not at all!
    Films that Are Guilty Pleasures
    • Borrowed Hearts (the Roma Downey/Eric McCormack Christmas movie)
    • Enchanted. Patrick Dempsey is in this one. That is enough for him! But seriously, I love this makes me laugh, it has references to old Disney films, and the music is, Amy Adams' character breaks out into singing! Love it!
    • Dan in Real Life. I just love everything about this movie. Steve Carell is in rare form in this serious role, and the movie has some really great moments. One of my favorites is when his characters starts dancing in the bar. So great!
    The Last Film I Saw at the Theater
    • The Help. I know, I know, I keep copying Becky! But this is the last movie I saw in a theater...I don't see that many movies in theaters! I usually wait until they come out on dvd. :)
    A Favorite Film Few Others Seem to Know About
    • The Christmas List. Mimi Rogers, Tom Cruise's first wife, is in this cheesy holiday movie that originally aired on the Family Channel in 1997. It is ridiculous, but I love it anyway. Plus, Marla Maples plays a character that is just fun to hate. I don't think I have missed watching this more than a year or two since it first aired.
    What about you? Leave your answers in the comments, or better yet, write about it on your own blog and post the link in the comments. 


    1. Yes, I was at Elf with you. It's a trip to the theater that I'll never forget!

      Your guilty pleasures are three of my favorites ... and I love, love, love The Christmas List! It is ridiculous, but it's so fun! (I'm pretty sure I have it taped--I have two or three videos full of Christmas movies that aired on Lifetime, ABC Family, and Hallmark.)

    2. Elf is one of my favorites!!

      I'm hoping to finally read The Help this month, so I can watch the movie, but I've been planning to read it for awhile now. :P