Thursday, June 2, 2011

So Long, Insecurity

So Long, Insecurity

by Beth Moore

Insecurity. The very word itself makes one insecure. No one really wants to admit it, but everyone experiences insecurity at some point of his/her life. Written primarily for women (though men could probably benefit, especially in understanding the women in their lives), So Long, Insecurity touches on a subject that is not often discussed. Beth Moore tends to do that.

I read this book last year, during a time in my life that I needed it most. God reached through the pages of this book and touched my heart, changed me. With each page I turned, each chapter that went by, it seemed that Beth was speaking directly to me. There were times when I wanted to hide, and times I wanted to rejoice. Shortly after finishing the book I attended Beth's conference by the same title at church. It too was amazing, but I found myself wishing that more of the book could have been covered in the conference.

I think what affected me most about the book was the way Beth admitted to her own insecurities. It made her seem down to earth, as if I could sit down and chat with her, and she would understand what I was going through.

I would recommend this book to anyone who isn't afraid of baring all before a God who sees all. I don't think anyone can read this book and walk away unchanged. I certainly didn't. I grew a closer walk with God, and as I look back a year after reading this book, I see all that God did in my life as a result of listening to Him. Beth Moore's book was merely an instrument - but one that deeply changed me.

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  1. Holly, this book sounds great! I'll have to check it out ... after my current pile has dwindled!