Monday, May 9, 2011

Praying for Your Future Husband

I grew up on Robin Jones Gunn's "Christy Miller" series, and later read her "Sierra Jensen" series. I dreamed of having the same adventures as Christy Miller, and of one day finding my own Todd (Christy's wonderful Christian boyfriend). I always admired the way Robin uplifted the character qualities of godliness, patience, and steadfastness throughout her books. 

Reading Praying for Your Future Husband brought the themes in Robin's books full circle for me. Robin writes about her own love story. Co-author Tricia Goyer writes about her own as well. Both women prayed for their future husbands before meeting them, and both loved and lost several boyfriends. I found myself relating to both women's stories. Robin related how her fiance broke up with her 6 months into their engagement - her wedding dress in the closet, church paid for, invitations about to go out. I too had this happen to me. I could relate to her depression, bitterness, and distrust in the months following her broken engagement. I had been there. I could also relate to Tricia's stories of wanting to be accepted and loved by someone. 

This book is not a manual on how to get a husband. It is not a guide for how to pray in the right way so God will "finally" hear your prayers. I feel the subtitle of the book says it all: "Preparing Your Heart for His." Not just the heart of your future husband, but the heart of Christ. Robin and Tricia talk about how praying for another person not only affects the person being prayed for, but the person praying. For when you pray for the qualities of patience, steadfastness, and godliness in your future mate, you realize how much you also need those traits. Praying also brings you closer to God's heart - the most important trait to have, whether you get married or not.

I felt this book was primarily geared for high school girls, but that doesn't mean a 30-something can't get something out of it too. I highly recommend this book to any single woman who wonders why God hasn't brought the right one into her life yet. As the last line of the book says, "What exactly will happen once you start praying for your future husband? There's only one way to find out…PRAY!"

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